Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thor Western Kentucky 2015

Nearly 20" of snow
Thor strikes Kentucky 

A weeks worth of hype has more than exceeded expectations. Predictions were for up to 2" of sleet followed by 8-10" of snow, so you can imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning. 

My view this morning
My first task was to get coffee going, of course, then I had to layer up to shovel a path on the deck, clear the deck steps, and a spot for my Jackshaund do to his business. 

That's a lot of snow for Western Kentucky
I tried to settle the pup down while I got the coffee brewing but he was being insistent with bounding energy. Ugh, so early still. I tried not to wake my husband when I went back into the bedroom to get dressed but Kennedy, the Jackshaund, didn't care. He bounded onto the bed, trampling up my husbands body, and as I found my thermals, he started to bark, loudly. My husband now awake wanted to know what I was doing, I informed him and with a grunt of sympathy he began to fully wake up. 

Geared up with Kennedy bouncing about excitedly, I finally made my way out the front door and grabbed the awaiting shovel. The wind was blowing up off the lake, putting an extra bite into it as it blew. Overcast skies above kept the sun from warming the day or having any chance at melting some of the snow. Damn, should have got a scarf. Oh well, and I set to shoveling. The snow was light and fluffy but there was so much of it! I stopped to measure a few spots on the deck and averaged 18" between the two. 

There are two seats in that John boat

Back to shoveling, I managed to clear a path on the deck to the stairs when my husband peeped out. He was stunned at all the snow, I asked him to fetch me the broom and he obliged. I kept digging out the steps and finally thought I cleared the last one but when I went to clear an area at the landing I found what turned out to be the last step. 

Once I had the stairs cleared, I set about to clearing an area in the corner of the deck and steps. It took 10 minutes of digging and scrapping to reach the ground, clearing an area of only two feet by two feet. I climbed back up the deck and asked my husband to let the dog out while I grabbed the broom and began sweeping off more snow. 

View up my street
Kennedy needed some encouraging to go down the steps and venture into the little snow canyon I had created but he did and managed to do his necessaries while I finished sweeping the steps off. 

Kennedy now warm, looking out his window and
wondering where all the wildlife is
 Thankfully my husband had hot cup of coffee waiting for me when I got back in, later he ventured out to clean off the roofs of our storage sheds, HVAC unit, and our new gas meter that was installed in emergency conditions during the last 11" snow storm due to a leak. 

I'm really thankful also that I'm not stuck on Interstate 24 or 65 like a lot of people are right now, waiting for the National Guard to rescue them. The Governor has declared a State of Emergency due to the conditions and people being stranded. Some places have drifts of three feet to clear in the highways and this is the South. We aren't equipped for 20" or more of snow as some places have seen, I've seen posts on Facebook from our local road department where they are struggling to clear roads. 

If you're in the area, stay home, warm, and safe. If not I'm probably a bit jealous depending on your weather conditions. I'm providing a list of links for more information and current conditions. 

(He's frequently been posting updates on the area)

(Local media source)

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