Tuesday, March 3, 2015

American Pelican Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

American Pelicans fly past TVA's Kentucky Dam

Scrolling through my Facebook page today and Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park posted a photo of an American Pelican with a caption that a flock had decided to visit the park. I inquired on the location and Laura with the park let me know where I could find them. The park covers not only a portion of Kentucky Lake but the Tennessee River also. 

American Pelicans fishing over the Tennessee River
at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
Laura advised me I would find them on the Southwest corner of the Tennessee River and they were visible from the fishing pier off Highway 282, near the campground. 

Flock of American Pelicans
I grabbed my camera and made the short drive up the lake to see for myself, I had never seen a pelican before. I had also never visited the fishing pier before but using Laura's direction I found it easily. 

Nestled under the new Highway 62 bridge sat a zig-zagging concrete pier with blue railings that stretched out into the churning river. The roar of the water through the gates of the dam was loud, causing the river to churn with swift currents and undertows, the air was much chillier here. The American Pelicans were easy to spot, rather large birds with their famous brightly colored beaks.  They looked kind of out place on the brown water of the Tennessee River and a gray overcast sky seeming to camouflage their white feathers against it.

American Pelicans floating and flying above
the Tennessee River

Plenty of fish for plenty of pelicans

It was wondrous to watch them take flight from the river and soar above looking for their next snack. I was impressed with their wing span and the way they glided in unison through the sky, much more elegant than a flock of geese.

I'm glad I took the time to see them, they are quite beautiful and it made me feel more centered to enjoy their company. If you ever see such a post on social media from your local State Park, Nature Reserve, or Recreation Area take a minute to pay a visit and enjoy the present sent by Mother Nature.

Happy Hiking!

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