Sunday, March 1, 2015

Land Between The Lakes Kentucky

Sunset on Kentucky Lake

You're gonna here me talk a lot about Land Between the Lakes, it's beautiful and minutes from my home. I couldn't count the outings I've had in this land peninsula between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Over 170,000 acres, 300 miles of shoreline, 500 miles of trails for hiking, biking, horse back riding,  and off-roading. A lot to explore! 

Two of many creeks in the area
On any given weekend you can find me cruising the back roads, camping, fishing, canoeing, or hiking the National Recreation Area, known locally as LBL. 

One of the many back roads
Wildflowers abound in Spring and no matter the season so does the wildlife. See Turkey, Foxes, two different Deer species, Eagles, and even take a cruise through the Elk & Bison Prairie.

LBL Wildlife

There are many camping areas from modern pay use to back country, that's my style! Just don't expect to find cabin
restaurants, or lodges. Facilities are basic outside the Woodlands Nature StationGolden Pond Visitor's Center and Planetarium, or the Welcome Stations located the the North and South entrances. Modern amenities can be found in the numerous towns, resorts, and lodges surrounding LBL.

Many roads lead straight to the water.
One of several streams cross the back roads.
I remember one occasion where we were cruising the back roads with friends in two separate Jeep Cherokees when one began having alternator troubles causing the battery to die. We ended up swapping the batteries back and forth, using the Jeep with the good alternator to recharge the batteries. No one wants to leave a vehicle behind and/or complete repairs in the middle of no where.

There are also a lot of places there is no cell phone reception either. This me of another story. My husband and I were cruising the back roads and came upon a camouflage truck parked off the side of the road. We thought nothing of it, till we came back out the same road and saw a man in camo with a gun and dog. Okay, a hunter, we thought. He was in the middle of the road though and clearly trying to get us to stop. Once stopped, my husband rolled down his window and the man wanted to use a cell phone but neither of us had any reception. He told us he had lost his keys in the woods while hunting and had no spare. This strange man then wanted to ride with us in our regular cab truck with his dog and gun. Needless to say we weren't comfortable with that but didn't want to leave him stranded. Oddly he inquired hold cold it was supposed to get that night, which we advised into the 30's. We offered to call someone for him once we had a signal, he gave us the name of a friend, Edgar, and his number. He advised us to call Edgar, tell him where he, Moe, was and his situation. Edgar was supposed to have a spare key to his truck. We bid Moe farewell and assured him we would call Edgar. Once back toward the Trace, the main highway through LBL, we called Edgar but got his voicemail. My husband left a message detailing Moe's situation and location.

We arrived home and worried More would be left in LBL and thought my husband would have to return for him. Edgar finally called back and asked for more details. When advised of the situation Edgar told my husband he had bought Moe a GPS because he had gotten lost for several days in LBL before, but guessed that didn't help him find his keys. My husband made sure Edgar would be able to locate Moe and wished him luck.

There are a lot of lessons in both tales and I can't help but find some humor also. I will leave you to take what you want from them, and hope you get to explore this beautiful area!

Happy Hiking!  

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