Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome to my new blog!!!!
What it's about:
My adventures in nature! I love to explore our public lands, national parks, recreation areas, and wildlife refuges. I'm also a bit of an amauter photographer, so I decided to put my love for both to good use. The goal of Annie's Adventures is to inspire others to get outdoors anyway they can, to bring the outdoors to people who can't, to educate and empower our youth, and to highlight some lesser known areas that are right outside your door.
Not everyone can simply strap on their boots and head out for a long arduous hike across rugged terrain nor does everyone have the desire too. Annie's Adventures wants you to know there are many other ways to get outside and explore. Motor trails, driving tours and simply taking a drive through you local forest are great ways to enjoy the outdoors without causing any strain or rewuiring much effort. Many National Forests and Recreation Areas also have handicap trails, allowing those with less mobility to enjoy some time in nature.
Another way Annie's Adventures tries to get people to fall in love with the outdoors is through photography. Photos attempt to capture the beauty and awe of our public lands, though the beauty is always best in person, by sharing these Annie Adventures hopes to bring these wonderous scenes to those less capable and to inspire others to go exploring.
Annie's Adventures also hopes to educate people about nature, how to enjoy it safely, and how to be prepared for when things don't go as planned. Preparedness is always critical to a succesful outing and underestimating nature, bet it arrogance or ignorance, can not only be humiliating but deadly as well. Educating yourself can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and a fatal one.
Traveling across my home area I've discovered many places that are beautiful and wondrous to explore. Annie's Adventures aims to highlight these areas, as well as more well known areas, to assist those looking for new places to explore or to show others what awaits them out their back doors.
Annie's Adventures will also blog about matters that affect our public lands. Conservation issues, forestry plans, petitions, videos, and other material maybe posted or featured to bring attention to important matters, as well as to educate and make the public aware of concerns regarding public land set aside for our use. Nature and the environment are the base platform of this blog, preservation and conservation are key for both.
Hope you enjoy Annie's Adventures and can't wait to see you on the trail!

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