Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Save the Bayou!

Turkey Bayou

Besides Land Between the Lakes needing help with protection from the US Forestry Service there's another place needing assistance. Turkey Bayou, my previous blog subject, in The Shawnee National Forest. Friends of the Bayou won their battle with the USFS and Turkey Bayou remains open. The question is for how long? One of the stipulations to keeping Turkey Bayou open was that Friends of the Bayou had to maintain it, not only with labor but with money. The campground must be kept clean of trash and debris, it must be mowed a certain number of times per year, facilities must be kept in good condition, i.e. picnic tables, fire rings, roads and the camp sites in general. Years have passed and Friends of the Bayou have delved into their own pockets to keep the place they love open. Now those pockets are becoming empty and if Friends of the Bayou can't raise the funds Turkey Bayou will close. There is no charge to pitch a tent or park an RV at Turkey Bayou, it was kept open for all to enjoy, free of charge, as our public lands should be. If we can all reach into our hearts, remember the love you have for your favorite spot outdoors, and pitch in a few bucks to assist those who know that love as well.

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And as always, Happy Hiking!

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